Alumni Directory

Alumni Directory

To search the Music Alumni database, you may enter a first, last or maiden name, select an instrument, or select class year. Leaving a field blank will broaden your search, while filling in more than one field will narrow your search.

Examples: If you select "Smith", with no selection made for instruments or class year, the search will return all entries containing the name "Smith". If you also select "trumpet" and enter "1978" for the class year, you will get a list of entries that contain the name Smith, that graduated in 1978 and played the trumpet.

You may also select a single instrument, leaving the other fields blank to return a complete list of entries for the selected instrument, or select only a class year for a complete class year listing.

Finally, you may choose to have the results sorted by name, year, or instrument and whether to view the results in groups of 10, or have all results listed on one page.

Please direct questions about Music Alumni to Joe Murphy.