Opportunities for Non-Music Majors

Regardless of your major there are many opportunities for all students at Mansfield University to study, create, and perform music with us. Every semester the Music Department offers a number of music classes and ensembles open to all students on campus. You can even earn general education credit towards your degree.

Many students are excited about the opportunity of joining one of our outstanding performing ensembles. These groups provide important, life-changing musical experiences and skills learned from ensemble participation equip you for leadership roles after graduation. Several ensembles are also approved for General Education credit which allows you to earn credit towards your degree while enjoying the experience of making great music and developing life-long friendships at the same time.

Several ensembles are open to all students, but some ensembles do require an audition for admission, which is generally held during the first days of class each semester. If you wish to participate in a music ensemble, but are unsure which group is right for you, email the Music Department Chair.


Music Ensembles

The following music ensembles are all approved for General Education Credits. Marching Band fits in the Environmental, Economic, Social, and Personal Sustainability block, while the other ensembles on the list are approved for the Arts and Human Experience general education category.

  • MEN 3331 - MOUNTIE MARCHING BAND (open to all students--see below for more information)
  • MEN 3300 - CONCERT CHOIR (audition required)
  • MEN 3301 - FESTIVAL CHORUS (open to all students)
  • MEN 3306 - MUSICAL THEATRE PRODUCTION (open to all students--see below for more information)
  • MEN 3330 - CONCERT WIND ENSEMBLE (audition required)
  • MEN 3332 - SYMPHONIC BAND (open to all students who play a band instrument)
  • MEN 3335 - CONCERT JAZZ BAND (audition required)
  • MEN 3337 - JAZZ LAB BAND (audition required)
  • MEN 3350 - ORCHESTRA (audition required)

Marching Band

The Spirit & Pride of Pennsylvania! Mansfield University Marching Band (MEN 3331) consists of approximately 200 members and is opening to all interested students. All we ask is that members maintain a positive attitude and desire to be a contributor to the group. All band members attend a marching band camp prior to the beginning of the school year. All members who reside on campus are able to access their residence hall housing and eat meals at Manser dining hall during camp.  

Students interested in this ensemble should email Dr. Brennan or the Music Department Chair at the beginning of the semester. Be sure to visit the Student Resources Website to complete the band registration forms.

Here's what students have to say about their experience in Marching Band:

  • "Marching band is not just for music majors--it is also for people like me who just love music and want to have fun."

  • "As an incoming freshman and having never been in marching band before, I did not know what to expect. I loved it! Thank you for the experience of a lifetime!!!"


Musical Theatre Production

Every spring the Music Department puts on a musical theatre production in Straughn Auditorium. Whether you are interested in singing on stage, choreographing the dance numbers, or helping to design the set, all students on campus are invited to be part of the production. Some musicals produced in the past few years include, Guys and Dolls, The Sound of Music, 1776, Into the Woods, and The Music Man. Auditions are held by the end of the Fall semester and non-music major student who register for MEN 3306 - Musical Theatre production receive General Education credit.

Music Classes

The following courses were designed to meet the needs of students who are interested in studying music. Each of these courses is approved for the Arts and Human Experience general education category.

Studies principal vocal and instrumental forms and media. Surveys important compositions from the early Baroque to the present.

Focus on the musical elements, historical aspects, and styles of 20th century and 21st century popular music with an emphasis on the genres of Rock n' Roll, Soul and Pop music. It will explore the social, technological, and cultural backgrounds that influenced the development of these musical styles.

Examines music and film, how the music interacts with sound and dialogue, and how music and film has changed with advances in film technology.



Q: I am interested in participating in an ensemble, can I borrow an instrument?

A: The music department has a number of musical instrumental available for check out each semester. Please contact the Music Department chair who will assist you.

Q:Are there any practice rooms I can use?

A:There are a number of practice rooms in Butler Music Center that are open to all students. These rooms are located on all floors of Butler Music Center on the west side of the building. Most rooms are fully equipped with a piano.