Bachelor of Music - Music Education

Mansfield's music education program is known throughout the Northeast for training some of the best music teachers in the region. 

If you have a love of music and a passion for education, Mansfield will prepare you to be a leader in the classroom.

  • The Bachelor of Music in Music Education is designed to develop public school music teachers who are intelligent and competent musicians, well-prepared educators, and informed citizens. The program is general in nature, preparing the graduate to teach vocal, instrumental, and general classroom music at all levels.
  • Completion of the music education degree prepares students to teach both vocal and instrumental music at the kindergarten through high school levels, and is designed to meet the certification requirements set by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The music education program is accredited by NASM, the Pennsylvania Department of Education, The National Council of Accreditation of Teacher Education, and the Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. 
  • The program provides a balance between a broad general education, the intensive training necessary to develop a professional musician, and the background of professional study and experience necessary for entering the field of education in today's society. Students have the opportunity to gain teaching experience in both the elementary and secondary music classroom during their course of study, in lab settings and in student teaching. 
  • Individual students select either the vocal or instrumental track, thereby meeting the needs of the public school systems in their demand for specialization. Voice, piano, and guitar students are considered in the vocal track, and band and orchestra instrument students are considered in the instrumental track. 

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Mission, Vision, and Values of the Mansfield University Music Education Program 

MissionThe Faculty of the Mansfield University Music Department are dedicated to the development of musical excellence in all aspects of our programs. It is the primary mission of the music teacher education program (within the teacher education unit at Mansfield University) to prepare educators to serve the region, the Commonwealth, and the nation. Our graduates will be able to make reflective decisions that are grounded in accepted theory, research, and practice. These decisions will enable the teacher to adapt instruction to individual student differences and to changing conditions within schools and society.

Vision: The music teacher education program at Mansfield University prepares graduates with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to be reflective teachers who believe all students can learn and help them to do so. These reflective and highly effective education professionals seek to contribute positively to their schools, districts, and communities. They utilize the activities of listening to, respond to, creating, and performing music to teach musical knowledge and skills, aesthetic awareness, and appreciation of diversity across cultures.

Values: Teacher education programs at Mansfield University advance the theme, Teacher as Reflective Decision-Maker. The undergraduate programs derive from a knowledge base and conceptual framework based on Danielson's Four Domains of Effective Teaching - Planning and Preparation, The Classroom Environment, Instruction, and Professional Responsibilities. Candidates are prepared to teach in accordance with the professional standards of the Pennsylvania Department of Education and of national teacher education societies. In addition to this, the music teacher education program place an emphasis on the following:

  1. We will promote character. Our faculty and students will exemplify the highest standards of ethical behavior, incorporating respect for self, others and our surroundings. We will devote ourselves to the holistic development of individuals, fostering personal accountability, honesty and advocacy through character education. Courage, integrity, and honor exemplify our core values. As the art of music demands honesty and integrity, so too will we expect our department to promote and encourage these values in all we do.
  2. We will foster scholarship. We will model a life of intellectual curiosity, celebrating the creation and dissemination of new ideas in music. We will embrace the use of rigorous, responsible and critical inquiry to understand, acquire and share knowledge. We apply what we learn by recognizing that each of us is both student and teacher engaged in the continuous pursuit of learning. We will therefore maintain a faculty dedicated to the highest standards in teaching, musical performance and scholarship.
  3. We will enhance culture. We will serve and lead the region and beyond in promoting diversity and cultural awareness through music. We will accomplish this mission by vigorously engaging with one another, capitalizing on the gifts bestowed on our community through the arts, and celebrating our similarities and differences. Through open discourse and performance, we will create meaningful experiences that compel us towards understanding and compassion for all humanity.
  4. We will advocate service. Knowledge invests us with the power to improve our world and the responsibility to act. We will be engaged in our community. Our students, faculty and staff will partake in volunteerism and service activities as a natural outgrowth of the University Mission in order to impact lives now and in the future. We encourage and actively promote on our campus and surrounding community an awareness of the importance of the role of music in the enrichment of the human spirit.

Music Education

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