State-of-the-art music technology facilities are available to all students at Mansfield, regardless of their major. Students can record, edit, transform, mix, and master their own music using industry-standard professional tools.
A 16-workstation music lab provides access to software and hardware for music production, editing, mixing, notation, and more. The HD recording studio features a 24-input Pro Tools HD system with a fully automated mixing console.

Music Lab

The music lab is the main classroom for courses in music technology at Mansfield. Individual workstations give students hands-on opportunities in class and a place to work on projects during open lab hours. Each iMac workstation features a rich set of professional software for audio recording and editing, effects processing, synthesis, MIDI sequencing, music notation & arranging, and multimedia.

Recording Studio (“Steadman Studios”)

The recording studio, overlooking Steadman Theatre, is a professional-grade 24-input Pro Tools HD/Mac Pro system with a fully automated ICON console and monitoring system. The HD studio is connected to the Steadman Theatre stage by audio tie lines with input channels for up to 24 microphones and additional lines for talk-back communication. This room is the ideal place to record special projects, such as large ensemble albums, complex live events, audition tapes, and complex multi-track productions. A professional set of microphones is available for student recording projects (AKG, Neumann, Mojave, Earthworks, Beyerdynamic, Shure, etc).
Steadman Theatre also features a smaller satellite recording room, directly off stage. This room is set up for simple stereo recording of concerts, recitals, and other events. Student stage crews operate this system for most events, using either the dedicated 2-channel CD recorder or a Mac mini/Pro Tools system.

Coming in fall 2013: new Steadman Studios Live Room! 

The new live room, adjacent to the existing HD control room is now under construction. This project adds a new, fully sound-isolated rehearsal and recording room to the facilities at Butler Music Center and Steadman Theatre. The new space features sound-isolating sliding glass doors (come observe a recording session in progress without getting in the way!), dedicated cooling system, floating walls, floors and ceiling for maximum sound isolation, and audio inputs to the HD control room.