What Can I Study?

What Can I Study?

Mansfield University offers five undergraduate majors and two minors to help students reach their musical and professional goals. See below for more details about our programs, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

All undergraduate programs share a common set of core courses which include applied study on your primary instrument or voice, ensembles, music theory, music history, and piano. From here each program branches out to provide specialization in your area of interest. Click here to view the coursework for each undergraduate degree.

Bachelor of Arts in Music

A great degree for talented music students who also have interests in other fields. You receive the same musical instruction as the other music programs, but have more room for coursework outside of music. If you love music, but also love math, psychology, political science, or English, this is the degree program for you!

Bachelor of Music in Education

Mansfield is known throughout the Northeast for its outstanding music education program. Students can pursue vocal, instrumental, or general music education certification and join the ranks of Mansfield alumni teaching in our public schools!

Bachelor of Music with:

Concentration in Music Technology

Come utilize Mansfield's state-of-the-art recording studio and prepare yourself for the highly competitive world of music technology. Study recording, mixing, electronic sound manipulation and more.

Concentration in Music Performance

Intended for those students planning on pursuing performance careers or graduate study. Study with our outstanding faculty and take advantage of numerous performance opportunities!

Concentration in Music Business

Prepare yourself for a career in music and the music industry. Mansfield offers three separate tracks, including Business Administration, Marketing, and Management.

Music Minor

The Music Department offers a Music minor for students in other majors  with appropriate interest and aptitude. A live audition is required for admission to this program.

Music Technology Minor

The Music Technology minor is intended for students outside the music department that have a strong interest in audio, music recording, and studio production.