Music Technology Course Descriptions

MU 1105 – Introduction to Music Technology – 2 credits
Create original projects using a variety of music production software tools for sequencing, sound editing, synthesis, and effects. Get familiar with music notation software. Edit and mix a studio session using Pro Tools. Get hands-on training with microphones, mixers, and other live sound equipment.

MU 3313 –
Electronic Music – 2 credits
Go into more depth on the topics of sound design, MIDI, synthesizers, and the creative use of technology in music. Compose and arrange musical works using computer-based tools.

MU 4413 – Studio Techniques – 3 credits
Edit and mix complex projects using advanced tools and equipment. Studio production involving creative use of synthesizers, audio effects, processors, overdubbing, and more. Remix a song by a well-known artist using our Pro Tools HD system.

MU 4414 – Recording Techniques
– 3 credits
Record instruments and vocals in a variety of settings, from live concerts to studio tracking sessions, to individual overdubs. Learn about microphone types and placements, room acoustics, and tricks for optimum sound.

MU 4481 – Survey of Music Business – 3 credits
An overview of the global music industry as practiced in the United States, the course will provide insights into a number of key areas of business related to music. Students will also explore a diversity of music industry career paths in areas such as arts management, music products and merchandizing, public relations, music production and recording, publishing, and online music distribution.

MU 4489 – Music Industry Internship – 12 credits
A 14-week internship in the music industry intended as a capstone experience of the industry program. Internships may take place in the fields of music products retail and wholesale, arts management, marketing, promotions, recording, and/or productions.