Music Technology Minor

Music Technology Minor

The Music Technology minor is intended for students outside the music department that have a strong interest in audio, music recording, and studio production. The minor includes an introductory music fundamentals course, a four-course sequence of music technology courses (Introduction to Music Technology, Electronic Music, Recording Arts, and Studio Production Techniques), and seven credits of music electives by advisement. Students in this minor will gain hands-on experience with professional-level recording and production tools and software, and will gain access to studio facilities for the completion of independent class projects. This minor does not require an audition for admission.

Students completing the music technology minor will gain hands on experience and skills in music recording, studio production including the use of music software for sequencing, synthesis, and notation, and the handling of audio equipment such as microphones, mixers, computer audio interfaces, and signal processing devices found in most modern recording studios. Music technology minors will be able to pursue independent projects in audio recording, editing, production, and sound reinforcement.

Specific learning outcomes for the minor:

  1. Students will produce musical sequences, notated music, and audio compositions using a desktop music system or MIDI project studio (e.g., music lab workstations)
  2. Students will gain hands-on experience with music technology equipment, including microphones, mixers, computer audio interfaces, and signal processors
  3. Students will apply common synthesis and audio processing techniques in order to create original sounds for use in musical and other audio productions
  4. Students will record live events and studio tracking sessions using standard recording techniques and microphone placements
  5. Students will mix complex multi-track projects while applying common signal processing and audio effects using a professional level digital audio workstation (i.e., the Pro Tools HD control room)

Course Requirements

MU 1103 – Introduction to Music Theory Fundamentals – 1 credit. Offered online during Summer Session.
Learn the basics of music theory fundamentals—notation, key signatures, intervals, chords, and rhythm.

MU 1105 – Introduction to Music Technology – 2 credits
Create original projects using a variety of music production software tools for sequencing, sound editing, synthesis, and effects. Get familiar with music notation software. Edit and mix a studio session using Pro Tools. Get hands-on training with microphones, mixers, and other live sound equipment.

MU 3313 – Electronic Music – 2 credits
Go into more depth on the topics of sound design, MIDI, synthesizers, and the creative use of technology in music. Compose and arrange musical works using computer-based tools.

MU 4413 – Studio Techniques – 3 credits
Edit and mix complex projects using advanced tools and equipment. Studio production involving creative use of synthesizers, audio effects, processors, overdubbing, and more. Remix a song by a well-known artist using our Pro Tools HD system.

MU 4414 – Recording Techniques – 3 credits
Record instruments and vocals in a variety of settings, from live concerts to studio tracking sessions, to individual overdubs. Learn about microphone types and placements, room acoustics, and tricks for optimum sound.

MU/MEN/MAP – Music Elective – 7 credits
With these electives you may choose music courses that are of interest to you.